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Why SaltTech? Every era of humanity can be symbolised, characterised and defined by something singular, something incredibly simple. The absence of which would make life as we know it all but impossible.

In a by gone age, communities recognised salt as a requirement for life. It was used to preserve food and thus sustain life. So important was this substance, it was used as a form of currency giving rise to the word salary. In the 20th century oil was a defining symbol, the ‘salt’ of its time. We believe and recognise that the 21st century is defined by technology, more specifically by data.

At SaltTech, we believe in the uncontested supremacy of data to drive organisations, society and humanity forward – like salt and oil before it, data has become a requirement for life. SaltTech’s purpose is to maximise the true value of data unlocking its full potential. We do this by optimising the effectiveness and efficiency of storage, structure, management, analysis and interpretation of your data.

SaltTech recruits the best and brightest local talent and partners exclusively with global industry leaders like Microsoft and SQL Governor who offer the best software solutions to advise and deliver 

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