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MS Silver Status & Governor Software Partner

At SaltTech, we strive to deliver real business value, serving as a trusted and reputable advisory partner offering our customers service excellence and approachable, expert staff; all underpinned by the best available software solutions. As such we are extremely proud and pleased to be able to share with you that SaltTech has been recognised as a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner for Data Platform and achieved Silver recognition for the Data Analytics competence.

Our respective Gold and Silver statuses distinguish us as it connotes a recognition of confidence from Microsoft in both our teams’ capabilities and expertise and that we at SaltTech are suitably equipped and capable to deliver best-in-class service and product implementation. Moreover, our Gold recognition means SaltTech is formally recognised by Microsoft as having earned the highest standards of the widely recognised partnership program.

How did we achieve our Gold and Silver Statuses?
To earn our prestigious gold and silver recognition, SaltTech team members were required to undergo a battery of tests, including a rigorous technical competency assessment. We are incredibly proud to recognise Matthew Miller (who completed MCSA: Data Platform) and JJ van Zyl, who earned certification in Data Analytics and Power BI. Having been recognised as both a Silver and Gold partner means that SaltTech team members like Matt and JJ amongst others, have been formally and thoroughly vetted, approved and endorsed by Microsoft, the biggest name in enterprise technology.

What this Means for You
This recognition serves as a further proof point for you our customer as well as our prospective clients that the SaltTech team is acknowledged as a provider of choice for data solutions, be it on-premises, in the cloud or a mix of both. Beyond just simple peace of mind in terms of our team’s capability, expertise and capacity, it also means you get:

• A guarantee of a proven track record in planning, building and maintaining Microsoft environments as this is a requirement for accredited Microsoft partners.
• Faster access to new software releases and updates. As part of the Microsoft partner inner circle, SaltTech are among the first to learn about the latest product enhancements and updates. We in turn can quickly pass any benefits on to you by keeping you informed and offering you the most current solutions ahead of the curve.
• Increased service support levels. Having formally been recognised as both a Silver and Gold Microsoft partner, SaltTech receive increased and expedient access to support from Microsoft signature support, meaning we gain quick access to Microsoft engineers as well as a dedicated concierge who is always on hand to supply speedy technical support.

In our continued spirit of building trusted relationships, we are incredibly happy to share the great news of our achieving formal recognition from Microsoft with you. We hope this accomplishment further serves to affirm that the SaltTech team have the skills, experience, knowledge as well as the necessary partnerships with leading technology vendors to deliver on our steadfast commitment to high value solutions for our customers.

Thanks for supporting the SaltTech team.

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